Our Clarion Commitments

Commitment 5
We will work to ensure that Clarion neighbourhoods are safe, clean and well maintained.

Our Commitment 5, grandmother and granddaughter gardening

April 2024 performance

People in house illustration

Maximise the occupancy of our homes.

Target: 98.5%

Target met: 98.5%

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Regularly inspect estates and communal areas to ensure they are clean, well maintained and clear of fire hazards and rubbish.

Target: 90%

Current performance: *85.5%

1,328 due, 1,136 completed

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Work closely with residents, the Police and other services to reduce antisocial behaviour, drug dealing, harassment and hate crime on our estates.

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Respond to reports of serious antisocial behaviour and domestic abuse issues within 1 working day.

Target: 98%

Current performance: **96.8%

186 received, 180 completed

Sound level illustration

Respond to noise complaints and less serious antisocial behaviour that meet our thresholds within 5 working days.

Target: 95%

Current performance: ***80.5%

590 received, 475 completed

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Remove offensive graffiti within 1 working day.

Target: 95%

Target exceeded: 100%

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Remove graffiti within 28 working days.

Target: 95%

Target exceeded: 100%

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Regularly trim and tidy grassed areas, shrubs and hedges.

Target: 90%

Target exceeded: 95.4%

815 out of 854 received a score of acceptable or good.

*Due to unexpected absences in our neighbourhood teams throughout the month, we had to prioritise inspections and postpone some. We are working hard to bring this back to target.

**Despite a 27% increase in reports received in April 2024, we improved our performance from 93.8% in March 2024.
Our London teams are still facing staffing challenges that have impacted case management.
To address these issues, we have implemented additional reports to try to improve our position next month.

***We received 59% more reports in April 2024 than in March.
Our London teams are still facing staffing challenges that have impacted case management. We have started recruiting new staff, who will go through a period of training and skill development. Ongoing targeted training is expected to improve results in the future.