Our Clarion Commitments

Commitment 3
We will keep your home well maintained.

Our Commitment 3, mother and child at home on sofa

April 2024 performance

Clock with wrench illustration

Complete, or make safe, emergency repairs in your home within 24 hours of them being reported.

Target: 98%

Current performance: *97.8%

5,854 required, 5,722 completed

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Complete non-emergency repairs within 28 days of them being reported, at a time convenient to you (subject to availability of parts and materials).

Target: 90%

Current performance: **67.5%

22,025 required, 14,870 completed

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Invest in your home if you are a tenant to ensure it meets the ***decent homes standard.

Target: 100%

Current performance: ****99.6%

*We expect to move closer to our target this month, and more reporting will help us keep improving our performance over the next quarter.

**We are developing new reports to better measure performance in this area and separately track complex tasks that need to be completed within 90 days. This proposal is currently under review.

***Safe, sustainable and well maintained.

****Clarion are committed to understanding the condition of our resident homes and as such undertake a programme of stock condition surveys to inform us of matters that need our attention. The homes that were reported as non-decent as of 31 March 2023 are all being reviewed with further surveys to understand the works required immediately in order to bring them up to the decent homes standard as a matter of priority.