Commitment 1
We will provide services that are easy to access and respond promptly to your enquiries.

Our Commitment 1, young lady on mobile phone, oudoors

April 2024 performance

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Provide you with 24/7 online access to report repairs and request other services.

Target: 95%

Target exceeded: 99.9%

Speech Bubbles

Reply to your emails and online enquiries to our central contact centre within 5 working days on average.

Target: 5 working days

Target exceeded: *3.4 working days

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Publicise ways to make a complaint if things go wrong, and what to do if you're unhappy about the outcome of your complaint.

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Resolve your complaint within 15 working days on average.

Target: 15 working days

Current performance: **17.7 working days

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Retain and publicise our contact centre phone number for those who prefer to contact us this way.

We continue to add our phone number as standard to all communications.

*Housing emails 4.4 and repairs emails 1.7 working days.

**As we recover from the cyber incident and our interim complaint policy, we have set a phased reduction in the expected time it takes us to resolve complaints until we get to our objective of 15 days. April’s goal was 18 days.